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Test Code 0208815 Hemoccult (ICT) Fecal Occult Blood, Stool



Performing Laboratory

CentraCare Laboratory Services

Specimen Requirements

No special drug or dietary restrictions are required for this test. However, patient should closely follow the Patient Instructions they are given to assure the most accurate test results.


Patient should not collect samples if they meet any of the conditions below:

1. Three days before, during, or three days after their menstrual period.

2. If they have bleeding hemorrhoids.

3. Blood in their urine.

4. Open cuts on their hands.

5. If they have strained during their bowel movement.


Specimen Type: Stool, random

Container/Tube: Hemosure Collection Vial

Collection Instructions:

1. Do not pass specimen into toilet; stool should be passed into a clean, dry container. Cover toilet with plastic wrap (saran wrap) to catch specimen or use sample collection paper from a Hemosure Collection Kit.

2. Unscrew cap of the fecal collection tube and remove the Applicator Stick. 

3. Randomly insert the Applicator Stick into the fecal sample 3 to 6 times.

4. Do not clump, scoop, or fill the tube.

5. Return the Applicator Stick into the Fecal Collection Tube and tighten the cap thoroughly. Shake the tube to mix the sample with the Extraction Buffer in the collection tube.

6. Label collection tube with patient's name (first and last), birthdate, date and actual time of collection, and type on specimen.


Specimen Transport Temperature


Reference Values


Test Classification and CPT Coding